About Us

About Us Our company, which started its commercial activities as "Iştutan Insulation and Ventilation" in 1956, has been operating as AİRPAK LTD. since 1993. Our organization, which continues its work with a stable growth policy by producing and designing dust collection and filtration systems and continuing its investments, has become one of the important institutions in the sector with the experiences it has gained during this process.

Since its establishment, our company has focused its experience and technology on the solutions it offers to its customers. With its forward-thinking professional teams and dynamic workforce, it has also adopted achieving sustainable satisfaction by offering high-quality products to its customers as a principle.

AİRPAK LTD. has undertaken the mission of providing superior service in its sector with international standards and business principles that are in line with customer demands. It produces solutions in the fields of Wood, Automotive, Chemical, and Textile industries based on dust collection and filter systems.

Located in Istanbul Beylikdüzü, the headquarters of AİRPAK LTD. provides you with planned and timely services with its products and project solutions tailored to your factory.

AİRPAK LTD. has increased its brand visibility and proven itself as one of the significant organizations in the sector by continuously developing with systematic, transparent, technology-following, value-focused on people and the environment, reliable, and customer-oriented efforts.

Growing and evolving without compromising its goals and principles, AİRPAK LTD. will continue its work as a sought-after brand in both Turkish and international markets and will continue its investments.