Why you chose us ?

Today's customers and business partners require more than just product supply. Airpak Ltd. is preferred because it aims to excel in every aspect of customer needs, in addition to product quality it produces.

As knowledge, expertise, and experience, we continue our work by adapting to all the technical and economic changes our country has undergone since 1956.

Strengths of Airpak LTD.

» Airpak Ltd. engineers and expert technical teams, along with all CAD, Solid, Metalix programs, produce accurate projects.

» It examines your needs to determine the most suitable products for your business and provides continuous technical support to its customers.

» 90% of the machines used in production are CNC-controlled machines. Our cutting, trimming, bending, and welding machines are constantly renewed in line with technological advancements.

» By closely following your industry and requirements, it works by planning for the future rather than just solving your daily needs,

» With the experience gained from 1956 to the present day, it designs environmentally and human-friendly projects for the production of hygienic products in all sectors that deal with dusty, smoky, and gaseous environments.

» It establishes satisfaction-focused mutual trust relationships with its customers.