Mission, Vision and Values

Airpak Ltd. is dedicated to allocating continuous resources to its production activities in order to achieve a competitive international structure and provide high-quality products/services. The company's mission is to adapt its experience to its customers in the areas it serves.

While maintaining its quality values in Turkey and global markets, Airpak Ltd. will continue its operations with a product range compatible with Industry 4.0 in its production processes.

Airpak Ltd. aims to sustain its distinctiveness and quality within global markets by supplying products according to the demands and needs of the companies it collaborates with, driven by principles of creativity and innovation.

Airpak Ltd. Values:

AIRPAK dust control systems are a part of "improving working conditions."

Improving working conditions in workshops, factories, or any other production sites offers numerous advantages. Why is it necessary to use a dust control system, and what do our customers gain from investing in the Airpak dust control system?

The most significant advantage of dust control is, of course, the preservation of the health of the workers operating the machines. Healthier and better working conditions in workshops and factories make people feel happier, and we all know that individuals with high morale work much more efficiently. They are not only less likely to get sick but also work more productively, leading to increased profits from improved performance.

The benefits of the dust collection system go beyond the workers' health. It also protects machines from aging and wear. Large dust particles entering the electronic control system can significantly reduce the operation's and machine's efficiency. It's not only these systems that need protection, but all parts of the machine require shielding from dust. Since the machine is protected by the dust collection system, it requires less frequent servicing and maintenance. As evident, dust collection systems are a necessary and complementary part of machines.

Dust collection significantly reduces the risk of fire.

a. Clean and healthy working environment
b. Compliance with Environmental and Occupational Health laws
c. Reduced employee illnesses
Result: Lower costs, higher Health.

a. Less wear and tear on machine parts
b. Reduced service and repair needs
c. Minimal work stoppage
Result: Lower costs, higher Profit.

a. Less raw material loss
b. Easier separation and disposal of residuals
c. Waste utilization
Result: Lower costs, higher Happiness.

With our sincere wishes for Health, Profit, and Happiness to the entire wood industry...